yoyo here i am

yoyo here i am

     Well here I am sitting in front of the pc waiting for the clock to tell me it’s time to go home. I keep wanting to write something down but when it comes to putting it on paper or typing it I just keep saying I’ll do it latter. Well I have some spare time and thought I write something before I go home. Was thinking I would wait to I get home but I am a little tired and knowing me I’ll just go home take a nap then ill get up watch TV and never write anything.


     I just started to playing around with  OneNote from MS and it looks pretty cool but theirs just something that doesn’t feel right. I keep saying I want to be able to write and have it sync between pc’s so I don’t have a file here and a file there so I hooked up live. Sync . Very nice program. I tend to sync my home pc with the home server and also the server at work for backup. Also I sync my work pc to my home so if any one of the four pc’s go do I will always have all my important files.


     I am not paying to much attention to my spelling. Yes I know it sucks but I am just free writing right now. One of my classes I am taking is about writing and we are learning the basic of writing. Like the prewrite, which includes free writing , brainstorming and clustering. So I thought I give it a shot here.


     I have mentioned before that I been wanting to write a book and have been jotting do my ideas and characters but have no success on actually getting done. I have tried many programs read some books and the main thing I keep seeing over and over again is that I just don’t take the time and sit down and write it. I have looked at OneNote and It looks like a good idea to start jotting all my ideas down in here and then I can start pasting them together to hopefully make something out of it. Well until next time ….


Hehe spell check is so cool I can keep on misspelling and hit a button to fix what is messed up hehehe that’s why you don’t see any mistakkes.