Well here we are again its that time of season. You know the one I’m talking about? Yea that one. Any way I have finished my first quarter of college and it went by fast. Faster then I thought I would. I hade some easy classes to start off. The only class that was somewhat of a challenge was intro to math. Since I am not too fond of math I don’t really like to do it. But as you get older you realize that math is one of the universal languages and to know some of it would just help you out. There are times which I wish I had the liking and the skill to get into the hard core stuff. Some of it looks really neat and the stuff you can do is amazing. Most of it won’t be too hard as long as you know the right formulas to use. That is the tricky part.

                I have looked up some photo clubs and am thinking of going to some of the meetings and seminars. I just started to get back in to photography. I kind of miss it. I need to find some models to work with on the portrait projects I like to do. If anybody interested or want to chat, field trips whatever contact me.  I have been looking into a new lens for my camera. I have a canon digital rebel d300 one of the first digital out. Love the camera need better lenses. I have been told that you can have an ok camera and get pro pictures with good quality lens and still be better off then spend 10 times as much on a high end camera with cheap lenses. I was looking at Tamara 18-250 di. Sweet. But since its brand new with the latest tech that puppy runs 1300. Ouch. That’s more than my camera and both lenses! Ill wait for it to come down. But with that lens it will cover both of mine and add top features that I don’t have.

                I am finally wasting some vacation time. I am off school for two weeks and am trying to plan some time off. I have been looking into hawking hills, Blue Ridge Mountains, hawk nest. Also been looking at Cancun, Florida, los vagas. I might just wait for any long travels for I don’t have enough money for the all out week. Soon very soon I’ll have some and get to vast Europe, Russia, Egypt and the like. I want to do some traveling for once. I think some time next year after I get some things taken care of I want get a touring bike and do some traveling. That would be great. I would like to finish school and then go back for bachelor degree and hopefully get a job that I can travel or at least make enough to travel with. Well that’s about it for now until next time.—same bat time same bat channel dadadadadadada.

update time!

                Well I am sitting here thinking of what to do to waste some time and I downed on me that I could be writing somethning. I keep saying to my self that I need to update the blolg. That I would like to write some notes down to get the book idea on paper. I have been looking into places to go vist, getting a new bike. But it always boils down to doing nothing. Boy am I getting lazy. I keep telling my selg get up and do something but I just have no motivation. I keep wanting fto find a nice girl to spend time with but again I am never at the right place tio meet any.  The ones I do meet are married or just net even close to my liking. I do now admitt that I have a somewhat of a high standards but even after I thought I lower them I still have not found anybody. Then comes the times when I do think I might find somebody and that happens when I don’t have a cent to my name.  How would I do anything if I am broke and have to wait until payday?

                I cant’ wait. A couple of more months and I should be out of debt and finnaly have some extra cash to save. I drain my savings paying of bills and am now just trying not to spend stupid stuff. But that ttends to be hard for buying stupid stuff runs in the family. Must be the genes. I want to do some traveling but since I am going back to school I don’t have the time and also not the money for it now. Spent it paying bills on stupid stuff. I am looking to buy another bike (again stupid stuff not really needed) then I figured I can cruise around the state for my vaca and just take photos and work on my photo skills. On top of that I need to jot down my ideas for my book. I keep thinking and coming up with plots and ideas but just can’t get them out of my head to the paper. Writing a book is just as hard as drawing if you don’t have the skill and talents for it. I would love to draw if I just can get past the stick fiqures I bee fine.  Since I am more of a visual person I thought of taking my book and making it a comic or graphic novel but again I can’t draw.  Hhhmmm

                Well it’s about time to go. I have a friend’s laptop he wants to see if I can repair. Well see. I have been looking for a writing club or photo club just so I can get out of the house so if there are any cool ones arounf cinci let me know. Time to go, catch ya later.