Heli update

well i got my E-flite Blade 400 heli Friday. Sweet. i got it from a local hobbie store. i was going to take a bunch of pics and show it off but i was to excited to play with it. in fact ijumped the gun. charged the battries and went ouy to play. well this is the first time i flew a heli and i still thing it was driftinhg to much and not set right. i just had the urge and went for the gusto. went to hover and it kept drifting back and so i just said WTF. and gunnned it. got it to about 8-10 feet in the aur for about 60 seconds loast control and……………………BAM.. i crashed. have some pics of my now new crashed broken heli. i have already ordered the replacement parts and should be getting them within a couple of days. i also ordered the EXI heli for $35.00 whoich is cheap for a knock off 450 heli. ok when i get the parts in i will take pics and post how i rebuild the heli. until then have fun!

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