Tick tock tick tock

Tick tock tick tock

well what’s up? i’m just sitting here watching the clock and waiting to get of work. i thought since i had some time i’ll update and see what new. lets see. oooooohh opooo i know. i have just built an on line dating site. its called Pootykat Purrsonals. head on over to http://pootykatpurrsonals and check it out. the first 6 months are gold membership for free. if you like it join if not then hang around as a free member.  i was just going thru some old emails and came across marion ravens email. had to send here one. what a hot babe. great singer to.  hhmm i keep saying i want to write ia book and i have mosgt of the tools to do it its just i can not gfet motivated to get it writtin. i have so many thought and ideas, storie lines but just can’t get them out. if anybody interested on collaberating on a story just email me and well go from there. ok how about some shamefull plugs not goto http://www.tias-lingerie.com http://www.tias-lingerie.com and the new http://pootykatpurrsonals.com . ok time to go so head on out to those sites and help me out 🙂

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