a thunk again

a thunk again

well i was thinking again and i have some spare time so  i thunk i just jot something down. i start back to school June 8 at ITT Tech. for computer electronics engineering. cant wait to start. i always seem to have a lot of free time and i thought with so much free time being wasted that i have to do something. i thought that if i could expand my knowledge then i just might get a better paying job. that’s not to say that i don’t like my job now. i just like to see a change. of course there’s more to it but as i said in my last post i not to keen on saying everything online for i don’t want any hard evidence to support or deny anything i say or do. i would just sit in the back ground and be the puppet master like the government is.  oops do a say something about the gov.? oh well free speech.(until they arrest me0 but I’m just a little peon.

i have been looking into some rc Helli and i have an itch to get one. i have a car and a t truck that kicks ass its just i want to start something new. that’s just like i been dabbling into trying to write my ideas down for a book but i never can get past a couple of sentences. even thou i always have visions, dreams, ideas of how the story is going i just can’t get it on paper. i been playing with some programs that are to help you write but the hardest thing is to just sit down and write. of course with summer coming i will be easier for me to do that i just sit outside or goto  the park and just start thinking and hopefully this time i just start writing. they say it gets easier more you just start writing then you get use to it. i tend to always turn the boob tube on and always start watching the sows. right now I’m in the middle of season 4 of babylon5 .  i got thou the 3 seasons of Lexx but season 4 is kinda stupid so i lost interest. i have a dozen of other series that i need to watch but then it gets to the point i keep watch the boob tube and i dont’ write. i figure when school starts i wont have as much time to watch tv but maybe i be able to write more. also i really thing my school rep is very hot and would love to date her. hmm wonder what the rules are about that?? well what i would like to do and what happens are always the opposite anyway. talk about hot babes how about paramore lead singer HOT! here’s a vid of them. i been listening to ther music for sometime. one of the best new young bands out today  [kml_flashembedmovie="http://www.youtube.com/v/XY10-FT8-HE" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

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