Tick tock tick tock

well what’s up? i’m just sitting here watching the clock and waiting to get of work. i thought since i had some time i’ll update and see what new. lets see. oooooohh opooo i know. i have just built an on line dating site. its called Pootykat Purrsonals. head on over to http://pootykatpurrsonals and check it out. the first 6 months are gold membership for free. if you like it join if not then hang around as a free member.  i was just going thru some old emails and came across marion ravens email. had to send here one. what a hot babe. great singer to.  hhmm i keep saying i want to write ia book and i have mosgt of the tools to do it its just i can not gfet motivated to get it writtin. i have so many thought and ideas, storie lines but just can’t get them out. if anybody interested on collaberating on a story just email me and well go from there. ok how about some shamefull plugs not goto http://www.tias-lingerie.com http://www.tias-lingerie.com and the new http://pootykatpurrsonals.com . ok time to go so head on out to those sites and help me out 🙂

a thunk again

well i was thinking again and i have some spare time so  i thunk i just jot something down. i start back to school June 8 at ITT Tech. for computer electronics engineering. cant wait to start. i always seem to have a lot of free time and i thought with so much free time being wasted that i have to do something. i thought that if i could expand my knowledge then i just might get a better paying job. that’s not to say that i don’t like my job now. i just like to see a change. of course there’s more to it but as i said in my last post i not to keen on saying everything online for i don’t want any hard evidence to support or deny anything i say or do. i would just sit in the back ground and be the puppet master like the government is.  oops do a say something about the gov.? oh well free speech.(until they arrest me0 but I’m just a little peon.

i have been looking into some rc Helli and i have an itch to get one. i have a car and a t truck that kicks ass its just i want to start something new. that’s just like i been dabbling into trying to write my ideas down for a book but i never can get past a couple of sentences. even thou i always have visions, dreams, ideas of how the story is going i just can’t get it on paper. i been playing with some programs that are to help you write but the hardest thing is to just sit down and write. of course with summer coming i will be easier for me to do that i just sit outside or goto  the park and just start thinking and hopefully this time i just start writing. they say it gets easier more you just start writing then you get use to it. i tend to always turn the boob tube on and always start watching the sows. right now I’m in the middle of season 4 of babylon5 .  i got thou the 3 seasons of Lexx but season 4 is kinda stupid so i lost interest. i have a dozen of other series that i need to watch but then it gets to the point i keep watch the boob tube and i dont’ write. i figure when school starts i wont have as much time to watch tv but maybe i be able to write more. also i really thing my school rep is very hot and would love to date her. hmm wonder what the rules are about that?? well what i would like to do and what happens are always the opposite anyway. talk about hot babes how about paramore lead singer HOT! here’s a vid of them. i been listening to ther music for sometime. one of the best new young bands out today  [kml_flashembedmovie="http://www.youtube.com/v/XY10-FT8-HE" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

thunk i thought a think

well here we are again. and i thought i had a think. it looks like i always have something to say but just to lazy to log in to say it our just don’t have time to do it. and when i do have time i just to lazy.  then there are times i would like to say things but i still am not sure to even write it down. once you post a saying, a thohgt or anything else then it will be here for a very very long time. and you never will know what peple will say later on. i had a couple of WTF but then again i never posted them for i don’t want to have any hard copies of what is said for later retaliations. oh well thought i just post something to post.

WTF! first post

welcome to WTF!. what dose WTF! stand for and what is this section about?  Well WTF! I’ll tell ya. WTF! stands for What The Fuck! and anything that is posted in here are thoughts and things about the world, religion, stupid people, stupid sayings and so forth. so as a warning anything posted under WTF! could and most probably have foul language, articles that people don’t like and stuff that i might just think that are stupid. so if you don’t like that kind of stuff don’t read !!!!


so lets start off with some oldies but goodies just to test the waters. here goes

why do they park in a driveway and drive on a parkway ?   WTF!

why is it that the slowest driver on the expressway is always in the fast lane? WTF!

why do they sell 10 hotdogs but only 8 buns in a pack ? WTF!

well that is just the start of it. i would like to get more into the things that i rabble about with others that just don’t make sense. you know i think ill go get 8 kids and have the government bail me out so i get my rent paid this month. hhhmmm WTF!