Repost of LG Rumor Review

Repost of LG Rumor Review

Yep like the title says i’m going to attempt to review my new phone. i have never before done this so bare with me. 

lets start off with is that i have here a Lg rumor that i use.     nice phone. it has a 1.3 mag camera, mp3 player, bluetooth. and full qwerty keyboard for texting. screen is nice and clean but downloads are slow and not a good phone for surfing the web. i have used it for email but if you just get a lot of junk then the email is a waist of time. i had samefriends send me some picture emails and never could get the pics to show.

The mp3 player works great and  ilike how easy it is to set up the songs on your mico sd cards and it plays them sweet. as for picture quality its soso. i have seen a lot better. as for texting. the qwerty slide out key board is great! since i’m not much aof a texter the old way of picking out 3 different letters from one key just makes me so slow that the other texter would have 6 messages to be before i finish one. with the key board at least i can knock that down to 2 to 1 ratio. heheheh.

so here are the Pros and Cons for Me


  • easy to use qwerty keyboard
  • ok camera (first phone with cam that i owned)
  • good loud MP3 player
  • no droped calls (so far)
  • battery has nice life time


  • can’t make own ringtones from sd cards
  • needed to be on higher end internet standards to receive sprint TV( not worth it anyway)
  • camera needs zoom and could use higher mag pixel

so final thoughts of this phone is that i like it. if i didn’t i wopuld have takin it back as soon as i could. stay tuned for reveiw on Samsung m520 phone     

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